Bike Seat Covers

Connect with cyclists and engage with the wider urban population out on the street, drive traffic in-store and on-line. OnYerBikeSeat specialises in producing branded bike seat covers, designed to get heads turning - adding real traction to any outdoor marketing campaign.

OnYerBikeSeat bike seat covers transform bicycle saddles into visually engaging advertising space, certain to deliver a highly original and evocative marketing campaign in high volume traffic areas within towns and cities. Providing cyclists with a simple to use, functional water resistent saddle cover that is both practical and fun to use.

OnYerBikeSeat delivers a professional one-stop-shop service that includes production of artwork/design, print and manufacture and delivery. Whether you are considering our standard covers or the new mini-pouch bike seat covers, our team can help you every step of the way. A full price list for this service is available on request via our Contact Us page.

Key Features

    • - Fits 99% of all bicycle saddles
    • - MOQ is 250 covers
    • - Standard deliver is 3 weeks
    • - Express delivery within 10-18 days
    • - 100% recycled fabric option now available
    • - Tailored design and production service available
    • - Large visible surface area for graphics
    • - Standard cover fabric range matched to a Pantone colours
    • - Silkscreen printed to the highest standard
    • - CMYK/photographic printing available
    • - Keeps your saddle dry, cool and clean (and pigeon proof...)
    • - Target distribution service available (currently within the UK)
  • STAGE ONE - Design & Artwork
    • OnYerBikeSeat is run by creative people, we love bikes and everything to do with cycling. We work with you to provide tailored bike seat cover designs or simply take your own artwork and complete a pre-production service to ensure your covers will be produced to the highest possible standard. We can advise on fabric colours and setting up artwork for the silkscreen print process. If you are considering including a QR barcode, we can generate this for you and advise on the best location for this to be printed at no additional cost.

  • STAGE TWO - Print & Manufacture
    • Each order is silkscreen printed and manufactured by hand to order, this process takes between 3 weeks to complete. Choose a fabric colour from our range of stock colours. Alternatively fabric can be dyed to match a clients Pantone colour at an additional cost, for orders over 10,000 this service is free. We stock a standard polyester and 100% recycled fabric. CMYK printing is also available.

  • STAGE THREE - Delivery
    • Once an order is in production, OnYerBikeSeat will keep you informed throughout the production process on an ETA for delivery. We can cover individually in celophane bags, perfect for handing out as part of a promotion or at an event. If you plan on distributing covers onto bikes, we can deliver the covers boxed loose. National and International delivery services are available.

  • Additional Packaging
    • If you require specific packaging requirements for a bike seat cover order, do please make contact with OnYerBikeSeat and our design team will be able to assist you with this enquiry.

  • Social Media Traction
    • QR (Quick Response) barcodes and links to websites can attract mobile devices users (all of us!) to scan and be quickly directed to a website, Facebook 'Like Us' page or one of the other social media platforms, such as Twitter. Clients can drive traffic on-line and add traction to any marketing drive by incentivising mobile devise users.
      The QR barcode are included as part of the bike seat cover artwork at no additional cost. Once the bike seat covers are placed on bike saddles, anyone who scans the code or logs online with a code provided.

  • Distribution onto Bikes
    • In case you were wondering how to get your bike seat covers out there, has this covered, with a speedy and extremely professional hand-to-saddle distribution service.
      Our distributors use bikes to get around, so they can distribute within targeted areas very quickly, to achieve maximum saturation. A detailed distribution report is supplied, providing statistics on the numbers of saddles covered together with photos of each location.
      Distribution is currently available within the Greater London area. For distribution in other cities in the UK, please make contact to discuss your specific requirments for distribution..

To discuss your specific requirements and request the latest price list, simply fill out the request form on the CONTACT US page or give us a call.