Helping Buzzbikes to create a buzz...

Buzzbikes takes to the saddle to spread the word about their plans to start revolutionising urban cycling one free bike at a time. Starting with London.

As part of the launch marketing collateral Buzzbike has distributed this month their new Buzzbike bike seat covers onto bikes in targeted Central London locations - reporting a great response to this activity. Buzzbikes confirmed 'We keep seeing the covers around Soho too which is cool.' Buzzbikes reached their target subscription of the free bike scheme within the first phase of the launch.

Buzzbike London is revolutionising urban cycling one free bike at a time, you get your own cool bike leased to you, at zero cost for two years... Go and check out this brilliant new bike scheme concept.. finally a scheme with a decent bike on offer... Cooper Bikes are supplying the bikes!

2015-01-27 by David Palmer