08 | Surrey Police: 'D-Lock It'

Campaign Location: Woking, Surrey UK | June 2018

The aim of the saddle covers is to educate the public in proper bicycle security. Woking had been experiencing at lot of cycle thefts and the majority of bike owners were only using cable/ chain locks to secure bikes which were easily broken into. The saddle covers will also be a great educational tool for future as and when bike thefts increase, usually over summer and into the Christmas period.


Surrey Police – Woking Safer Neighbourhood Team - Visibly delivering neighbourhood policing and community problem solving within the borough.


Social media has been used to promote the saddle covers. Members of the public were also approached and spoken to/given a cover if they were interested during the covers drops.


Positive feedback from members of the public has largely been received. Several people have mentioned the covers are a great way of making people aware of cycle security. The Hi-viz colour really stands out and grabs people's attention. The speed at which a whole bike rack can be covered is highly effective.


Outstanding! Thank you for offering a warm, welcoming and very professional service. The OnYerBikeSeat team were able to accommodate our requests quickly and offered viable solutions for the issues we faced. They included a free design service, this final design is exactly what we wanted and looks eye-catching.